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The Ballet Alliance Ambassadors

Ambassadors are luminaries in the dance world who agree to be champions for our organization. The Ballet Alliance will endeavor to involve Ambassadors in the annual Festival & The Summer Project whenever possible.

Our Ambassadors agree to give advice, be a public face, and open doors for our organization as needed. There are no monetary fees associated with being an Ambassador.  Each year, Ambassadors will be contacted by the TBA Board Chair to discuss continuing in the role for the following year.


Ron Cunningham

Deborah Hadley

Jeffrey Gribler

Nicholas Ade

Cynthia Lucas

Michael Vernon

Jill Eathorne Bahr

Emerging Choreography Mentorship

The Emerging Choreography Mentorship program has been created by The Ballet Alliance to further the craft by educating our own aspiring choreographers. These young choreographers receive vital assessment, suggestions and encouragement from one or two mentors specifically about their work, which may take place in process or when a work is finished or at both stages. Mentors work with member company artistic directors to establish a process that works best for each choreographer and company. The Emerging Choreography Mentors are chosen based on their established skill in the field, their dedication to the education of our young people, and their ability to inspire the next generation.

Mentors for the 2022/2023 Season:

Nicholas Ade

David Arce

Nicole Comella

Emma Cong

Deborah Hadley

Michael Vernon

Beth Whelan

Hilary Wolfley

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